Gain the cutting edge!

As a supplier of high quality Magnetic Based Drilling Machines to industry it is our pleasure to inform you of our latest tool products which we have recently launched in the UK. We are enclosing details of our product offering for your perusal which we hope will be of further interest.

Why should you read on? Well, we have just released four Magnetic Base Drilling Machines under our ‘ATRA ACE’ brand but with a key difference – they are specifically designed for use with TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPPED (TCT) cutters.

Why use TCT over HIGH SPEED STEEL (HSS)? That’s easy, they are capable of lasting well over 3 times the life of an ordinary HSS cutter*…….but there’s an even bigger advantage, productivity is also vastly increased!

How? With a faster operating speed of the specially designed Mag Drills. They operate at an rpm of around 3 times that of a standard HSS machine and therefore can produce around 3 holes in TCT to every 1 in HSS.

*It is estimated that for every 300 inches of material depth cut with a HSS Cutter an equivalent TCT cutter can perform 1000 inches.

TCT is also well suited to hard spots in mild steels (which can often damage or break HSS) and is also ideal for higher grades of steel including those used within the rail industry.

Not convinced? Then request a demonstration video, or better still we will come to site and demonstrate the machines at you or your customers’ premises!

Are there more benefits? Sure, the Manual Machines, WOJ-3200 and AO-5575 are fitted with the most advanced motor overload protection system on the market. It virtually eliminates motor burn outs. This new feature is a breakthrough in the manual drill industry. This technology displays the current drill status via the LED load indicator.

End users will experience a cutting edge drill management system designed solely around saving time and money in replacement parts and cutters in addition to reducing user fatigue and downtime.

As the drilling load increases, the load indicator will change in colour from green to orange to red. In addition, if excessive feeding force is applied, the load indicator will rapidly blink red and the rotation of the drill motor will slow down and temporarily stop (without overloading the motor). If the load is released while the load indicator is blinking red, the drill motor will resume its rotation.

There are also two Automatic Machines, WA-3500 and WA-5000 with built-in coolant supply system and built-in failsafe protection to improve machine and cutter life.

All of the machines offer the Nitto Kohki ‘ONE-TOUCH’ cutter replacement system which is self-centering and has a tool-less chuck for ease of use. They are available in both 110v and 240v.

For further information, technical assistance or site demonstration of any of the enclosed products please do not hesitate to contact us. Seeing a machine operating is often the difference between getting the sale and not!
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