(Cup seal type)

How it works

The set of crank fixed on DC motor shaft and connecting rod converts rotation to reciprocating motion, which will drive the cup-seal on the other side of the rod back and forth and sending air in and out through valves.

  • Stage 1
Until the crank reaches to the bottom dead center (BDC), the cup-seal pulls up intake air into the enlarged chamber space inside the cylinder.

  • Stage 2
After passing the BDC, the crank start pushing up the cup-seal and thus air in the chamber will push open the discharge valve and go out from outlet port.

The cycle consisting of the said 2 stages is repeated as the motor shaft rotates.


  • Small and lightweight body makes built-in design easy.
  • DC power source makes it easy to build into equipment for electrical control.
  • Compared with diaphragm type high discharge pressure is available.