Notice of Article Publication (Newsweek International, OCTOBER 27 2023)

Notice of Article Publication

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"Nitto Kohki advanced know-how further contributing to hydrogen fuel and LiB industries"

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Perceuses Magnétiques CLA-2720 sans fil

alt La taille c’est important!

Nitto Kohki va étendre sa gamme de perceuses magnétiques «ATRA ACE » avec la sortie en octobre du modèle révolutionnaire CLA-2720 sans fil.

Présenté dernièrement à l’exposition MACH 2014 au Royaume Uni, l'intérêt pour cette machine a été immense. Il est facile d’en connaitre la raison lorsque l’on sait qu’il s’agit aujourd’hui de la perceuse magnétique la plus compacte et la plus légère disponible sur le marché avec un poids de seulement 7 kg (poignée d'alimentation et batterie comprises). La CLA-2720 sera livré avec 2 batteries 18v, 4.0ah lithium-ion, qui lui donne une capacité de perçage de 27mm de diamètre sur 20 mm d'épaisseur dans de l’acier doux.

Comme on peut s'y attendre avec Nitto Kohki, le modèle CLA-2720 bénéficie d'une série de caractéristiques de sécurité uniques qui incluent un indicateur visuel de surcharge du moteur, la fonction de détection de dérive et l’équipement standard d'un système de réglage de position pour le perçage (une fois l'aimant mis sous tension).

Sur le modèle CLA-2720, le dispositif de libération de la poignée permet de la changer de côté en quelques secondes. Présent sur la gamme « ATRA ACE » le système "One-Touch" permet le remplacement rapide et facile du forêt sans aucun outil.

Afin d’avoir plus de détails sur ce produit et sa gamme, vous pouvez contacter Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. ou l’appeler au : +33(0)788 254 244.


Zerospill Cupla

alt ZEROSPILL CUPLA - An effective separation

The disconnection of quick-connect couplings can be a messy and frustrating task due to unpleasant leakage of the material resulting in contamination of the working environment. But how can this be avoided? The new zero-spill coupler model “ZEL” from the famous Japanese manufacturer Nitto Kohki is the perfect answer.

A new and unique seal system reduces the spillages by up to 96% compared to conventional couplers. Moreover, due to its “flat-face” design, the undesired air ingress is also reduced by 94% against conventional couplers, allowing critical fluids to remain pure and intact.

All this is managed by a simple one-hand operation; easy handling for high demands! This new two-way shut-off type coupler is available in different sizes up to 1” female thread. The materials are brass or stainless steel SUS 304.
Packing material options made of NBR, FKM or EPDM allow the supply of fluid up to 180°C temperature.
The manufacturer recommends this new type especially for hydraulic oils, water, gases and air for a working pressure of maximum 35 bar.

Feel persuaded by this new eco-friendly coupler, ask for further information!


TIGON Spring & Hose Reel Balancers

A ‘well balanced’ approach to health & safety from Nitto Kohki

With health and safety a premium in today’s workplace the Nitto Kohki ‘TIGON’ range of spring and hose reel balancers offer a simple cost effective solution to take the strain out of handling tools thus improving work safety and efficiency.

It’s a simple fact. Make a job easier to do and you can do it better, faster and for longer. The ‘Tigon’ spring balancer range helps improve productivity by keeping tools stored out of the way when not in use on workstations, assembly lines and various shop floor activities. In addition the power tools themselves are safeguarded from accidentally being dropped or damaged, not forgetting the additional risk to the workforce and other products or equipment.

Another benefit is that whilst the tool is in use, the majority of the weight is suspended by the balancer making handling and movement almost effortless. This reduces operator fatigue and again benefits efficiency and productivity levels.

The cable balancer range covers 0.5 to 70kg tool capacity with a maximum cable length of 2 metres. The hose reel range (which incorporates the tools air supply as well as acting as the suspension cable) covers 0.5 to 5kg tool capacity with a 1.3 metre hose length.


SP-A Cupla

Higher flow rate – higher productivity

Based on the popular SP Cupla model which is used globally in high quantities the new successor model SP-A has been developed and already introduced by Asian’s leading quick connecting coupler manufacturer Nitto.

The flow rate could be increased by remarkable 64% compared to the previous model. This new increased flow rate sets a new milestone compared to comparable couplers in the market. A higher flow rate means higher productivity – hydraulic cylinders will move faster, die-casts will be cooled earlier. As a consequence the production costs are decreased.

Thanks to the newly designed shape of the valve head, the valve returns automatically and smoothly to its original position when disconnected. This structure enhances safety by sealing the flow passage of individual sockets and plugs.

SP-A couplers can be used in various applications up to a pressure of 75 bar. The maximum size is 1”. All versions are made in PT female thread. Materials: steel, brass, stainless steel SUS 304. Beside this new model this famous manufacturer offers a broad range of couplers for nearly every application.


PCV and SP-V Cupla

Icecold Connection

The production of refrigerators and air conditioners can be very time wasting when the tubings of the cooling unit are connected in a troublesome way with the leakage test device and filling device. This sensible connection requires reliable components which create quickly und without efforts a leakage free transmission between cooling unit and the devices which are to be connected.

For this procedure the quick connecting couplers of this famous japanese manucturer are worldwide well approved. Under the brand PCV and SP-V these couplers can be found in many production lines. The connection to the tube is executed by a simple, but very effective lever system (just pressing the lever down), the connection to the filling system is managed by high vacuum resistant couplers. The range of the tube couplers reaches from tube outer diameter 4mm up to 15,88mm. Different packings materials are available to meet nearly every usage condition. The couplers are made by brass or by stainless steel.


New Air Blower LAM-200

Big Brother!

Based on their patented “linear shuttle” technology, Nitto Kohki have introduced the larger LAM-200 blower to their market leading range of LA series blowers. The eagerly anticipated big brother is born!

Air-blowers are commonly used in wastewater treatment systems, aquatic & pond applications as well as sulphur scrubbing on biogas applications. The “linear shuttle” technology removes the need for troublesome diaphragms and so offers the benefit of much longer lifetimes. Their existing product range offered air flow of 7,2 m³/h at 180mbar (normally 1.8 meter water depth ), whilst their new big brother gives a superior 12m³/h airflow at 200mbar (normally 2 meters water depth). Therefore the new LAM-200 can be used in larger plants that historically were unable to take advantage of Nitto Kohki’s superior “linear shuttle” technology.

The LAM is also an interesting alternative to rotary disc and by-pass channel pumps. With a power consumption of only 220W and whisper-quiet 48dB(A) noise, the new model is an ecological and quiet solution.


Multi-Cupla MAM

Multiple port systems for air and water

Production processes require often a frequent connection and disconnection of lines and tubes at one time. To minimize the time used for this necessary production process Asian’s market leader for quick connecting couplers developed a multiple coupler system which connects and disconnects up to 12 lines at one time. This new system is named “MAM” type. Not only time is saved; the danger of mixing up lines is banished.

Two positions of the operating lever prevent from accidental detachment. The first position of the operating lever just disconnects the couplers, while the second stage itself disconnects the two plates. A contribution to the safetyness in the working surrounding. A high flow rate, similar to that of the popular SP-A type coupler, speeds up the productivity. As a consequence the production costs are decreased. 13 standard types of MAM coupler type, from 4 ports up to 12 ports, are available. Special versions are made on request.

The optimal medium is water or air, the applied pressure in the lines should not exceed 15 bar. Applications like die-castings, moldings, welding equipments, assembly lines or robotics are just an essence of the wide variety of possible usages


Multi-Cupla MALC

Multi Cupla MALC for high demands

In addition to the popular version of manual multi coupler series MAM Asian’s market leader for quick connecting couplers offers a multiple coupler solution for high demands. Name: “MALC”. Production processes require often a frequent connection and disconnection of lines and tubes at one time. To minimize the time spent for this necessary production process MALC coupler type should be used.

Compared with conventional multi couplers in the market the flow rate is nearly double which means that a smaller coupler type can be used. This means that the size of the required plates is reduced. MALC coupler realizes a 2mm axial eccentricity allowance while conventional couplers just allow 0,6mm. The user has more space and tolerance in connecting the two plates, vibrations or other disturbing influences do not stop the connecting process.

The special structure of the valves prevent spill out of fluid and admixture of air into the fluid line. Only one type of plate is required; the distance between sockets and plug is for every size the same. Increased productivity, reduced production costs and higher working safety are just some features of this high quality coupler series.

Available in 32 different standard types these couplers are designed for medium and high pressure applications up to 210 bar. Special versions on request. Water, air or hydraulic oil are optimal fluids. Applications like die-castings, moldings, leakage test equipments, assembly lines or robotics are just an essence of the wide variety of possible usages. Beside these new models this famous manufacturer offers a broad range of couplers for nearly every application.


Magnetic Base Drilling Machines - Manual Feed

alt ATRA ACE - Manual feed

The Nitto Kohki ‘ATRA ACE’ mag drills have been specifically designed for use with TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) cutters. They have the benefit of cutting in excess of 3x more holes per cutter compared to ordinary HSS (High Speed Steel) and increase productivity as they are run at far higher rotational speeds (see machine specifications).

The WOJ-3200 (top) features the most advanced motor overload protection system on the market today. Customers can experience a cutting edge drill management system designed solely around saving time and money in replacement parts and cutters in addition to reducing user fatigue and downtime.

It is also fitted with a unique body height adjustment to allow for twist drill cutting with the aid of a keyed chuck. The AO-5575 (bottom) also benefits from the unique motor overload protection but has a larger cutting capacity than that of the WOJ-3200. It is capable of producing a 55mm diameter hole through 75mm thick plate and also benefits from a built-in coolant system. It is fitted with a two speed gearbox, high speed for up to 32mm and the low speed for over 32mm diameters.

Another feature of all the ‘ATRA ACE’ range is the One- Touch push to fit cutter replacement system, which has a self-centering tool-less chuck which reduces downtime and the need for tools to carry out the change.

Magnetic Base Drilling Machines - Auto Feed

alt ATRA ACE - Auto Feed

The Nitto Kohki ‘ATRA ACE’ with AUTO FEED mag drills have been specifically designed for use with TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) cutters. They have the benefit of increased cutter life - in excess of 3x more holes per cutter compared to ordinary HSS (High Speed Steel) and increased productivity as they are run at far higher rotational speeds (see machine specifications).

The WA-3500 (top) and WA-5000 (bottom) are fitted with the same market leading features as standard. They only differ in terms of their respective cutting capacities, and the addition of a two speed gearbox on the WA-5000 as detailed on the specification table. As with the manual feed units they feature the One-Touch (tool-less) cutter replacement system.

Standard features include:
• Built-In Coolant System with auto shut-off (inset above)
• Built-in motion sensor for excess vibration/lateral movement.
• Failsafe re-start - Won’t automatically start after power failure.
• Magnet open-circuit sensor which prevents operation until the magnetic field is active.
• Slow start mechanism ensures smooth cut through mill scale.
• Load sensor which responds to drilling and feeding forces on the cutter for optimum cutting conditions.
• Feed speed is continually monitored and updated proportionally to the load on the cutter.
• Automatic cycle stop after the cut has finished (load sensing)
• Overload stop when any excessive load is applied to the cutter to prevent cutter breaking.

Electric Beveler

For edges and laces

A new developped electrical circuit beveler of the famous japanese manufacturer Nitto Kohki enables steel to get on without edges and laces.The heart of this new handtool is a new motor which drives the cutting tips at a power of more than 1000W.

The cutting tips remove edges at mild steel to a maximum length of 7mm, at stainless steel maximum 3mm. At circular working the maximum working length is 4mm. The chamfer angle can be adjusted between 15° and 45°. A dust box collects the separated parts.As an option a series of cutting tips for different sizes is available.

Applications are various, reaching from the shipbuilding industry to the machinery building industry and to the production of containers.


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