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From factory air line to pneumatic tool connection, available in various body materials, sizes and end configurations. Excellent durability.

  • An excellent general purpose coupling for connecting factory air supply to pneumatic tools.
  • Steel coupling is suitable for air. Brass or stainless steel are suitable for water. Note that fluid will come out from the plug when disconnected.
  • Critical structural parts of steel models are heat-treated for increased strength giving greater durability and resistance to wear.
  • Available in various body materials, sizes and end configurations applicable to a wide range of applications.


Applications: Air / Eau
Pression de travail: 10 bar / 15 bar
Structure de la valve: Double sens avec valve anti-retour / Un sens avec valve anti-retour / Passage droit
Matière du corps: Laiton / Acier inoxydable / Acier
Matière pour l’étanchéité: NBR / FKM
Taille: 1/8 " / 1/4 " / 3/8 " / 1/2 " / 3/4 " / 1 "
Hi Cupla
Hi Cupla
Structure de la valve
Hi Cupla
Hi Cupla
Hi Cupla
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