DP 0105

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Vide maximum: -666 mbar
Débit d´air nominal: 2.8 l/min
Tension nominale: 12 V
24 V
Pression maximum: 2.5 bar
Puissance consommée: 1.2A or less for 12V
0.6A or less for 24V
Type de courant: 30 minutes
Durée de vie: 1.000 h
Outlet (Inlet): 5mm O.D. straight nipple
Classe d'isolation: E or its equivalent (JETL)
Dimension pour le montage (L x W): 42 x 24.5 mm
Poids brut: 0.36 kg

Airflow & Power Consumption
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12V / 24V



Application Examples
DP 0105
DP 0105

Sketch Drawing and Mounting Dimensions Diagram (mm)

DP 0105
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