Magnetic Base Drilling Machines - Auto Feed

alt ATRA ACE - Auto Feed

The Nitto Kohki ‘ATRA ACE’ with AUTO FEED mag drills have been specifically designed for use with TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) cutters. They have the benefit of increased cutter life - in excess of 3x more holes per cutter compared to ordinary HSS (High Speed Steel) and increased productivity as they are run at far higher rotational speeds (see machine specifications).

The WA-3500 (top) and WA-5000 (bottom) are fitted with the same market leading features as standard. They only differ in terms of their respective cutting capacities, and the addition of a two speed gearbox on the WA-5000 as detailed on the specification table. As with the manual feed units they feature the One-Touch (tool-less) cutter replacement system.

Standard features include:
• Built-In Coolant System with auto shut-off (inset above)
• Built-in motion sensor for excess vibration/lateral movement.
• Failsafe re-start - Won’t automatically start after power failure.
• Magnet open-circuit sensor which prevents operation until the magnetic field is active.
• Slow start mechanism ensures smooth cut through mill scale.
• Load sensor which responds to drilling and feeding forces on the cutter for optimum cutting conditions.
• Feed speed is continually monitored and updated proportionally to the load on the cutter.
• Automatic cycle stop after the cut has finished (load sensing)
• Overload stop when any excessive load is applied to the cutter to prevent cutter breaking.

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