Multi Cupla MALC-HSP

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A single operation makes simultaneous connections for multiple lines that have a variety of different fluids and sizes. A special design minimizes air admixture in fluid lines upon connection.

  • Compared with conventional Multi Cuplas, approximately double flow rates are realized. This could reduce the size of required plates. (Rate of flow increase depends on Cupla sizes.)
  • The MALC type realizes a 2mm axial eccentricity allowance, while the conventional Multi Cupla is only 0.6mm.
  • Special valve design enables connection of socket and plug under dynamic pressure of up to 8MPa.
  • When connected, the distance between the socket plate and plug plate is designed to be 30mm for all sizes. This means any size of Cupla can be mounted and used on the same plate.
  • Airless structure valves prevent outflow of fluid and admixture of air into the fluid line.
  • Autocatalytic Nickel-Phosphorus coating is adopted for surface treatment over special steel body and internal parts. This coating is environment-friendly.


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Applicable Fluids: Hydraulic Oil
Working Pressure: 50 bar
Valve Structure: Two-way shut-off (Non-Spill)
Body Material: Steel
Seal Material: FKM
Size: 1/4" / 3/8" / 1/2" / 3/4"
Working Pressure
Multi Cupla MALC-HSP
Valve Structure
Multi Cupla MALC-HSP
Multi Cupla MALC-HSP
Applicable Fluids
Multi Cupla MALC-HSP
Multi Cupla MALC-HSP
Multi Cupla MALC-HSP

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