Purge Plug

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Eliminates an unpleasant popping noise and a hose whip back motion when Cupla is disconnected.
  • When the Cupla is disconnected, the pressure left in the plug side hose is released gradually without an unpleasant popping noise and a hose whip back motion.
  • Unique design of air purge system enables the residual pressure release quickly and quietly.
  • A unique but simple purge valve design is good for long and repeated use.
  • The function is assured even under a high supply pressure or with a long hose.
Note: This product is not a check valve to totally stop the air flow.



Optimale Medien: Luft
Betriebsdruck: 10 bar
Absperrung: Purge valve
Material: Steel (Chrome-plated)
Dichtung: NBR
Größe: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Purge Plug
Purge Plug
Purge Plug
Optimale Medien
Purge Plug
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